Crysalis Curriculum:

NCF- National curriculum framework started during the year 2005. NCF designed of NCERT-National Council For Education Research and Training. Crysalis is compactablecurriculum of ICC, CBSE, MATRIC etc. Crysalis is committed to inspiring a nationwide movement to awaken the extraordinary human potential in every child in his\her formative years of schooling. The impact of this educational method must be taken to every child in the country for a true reform to happen


Children Learn By Doing

Pre School children learn important concepts as they interact with materials each day by lifting, throwing, touching, squeezing, pounding and moulding. Children need concrete opportunities to enhance learning and so a rich environment is vital for the Pre – School setting.

Children Learn From Role Model

Children are taking important cues from the actions of the adults and other children in their lives. A child also emulates the way the teacher interacts with the children in the class as well as her associates in the school. Thus the teacher will always have to behave in a appropriate manner and never argue with anybody in front of the class.

Children Learn When Given Enough Time To Practice And Master Skills

Children need to observe,interact and experiment with a variety of materials on regular basis. Repetition and recreation helps the child to understand the concept in details. If the work is made meaningful for the child is easier for the child to practice and remember it.
Children Learn Through Motivation

Children’s learning is enhanced when their curiosity and interest is aroused through activities that engage them and allow them to observe, listen, explore, think and imagine. All these factors reinforce further learning and foster self-motivation.

Role Of A Teacher

As A Facilitation With The Children

Curriculum Implementation

Teaches have to be involved in the arrangement of their classroom and the daily schedule . A good teacher prepares the environment on the previous day itself keeping in mind the activity and the developmental levels of the children in the program.

Teacher Child Interaction

Teacher is must be knowledgeable about child development and developmentally appropriate practices in order to effectively interact with the children in their class. As teachers interact with other children , handle learning materials, model reading, writing, listening and speaking are picking up important signals about what is as is not acceptable behavior.

Observation And Assessment

An important role of the teacher is to regularly observe and record the progress and by each child. The assessment plan in the day gives the teacher the guidelines to assess the child and the assessment record sheet helps them to record the same.

As A Counselor with The Parents

It is the teachers role to inspire involve, educate and inform parents as partners in their child’s education. Regular and timely communication through weekly letter and regular parent –teacher meetings help strengthen this partnership.

As A Guide With Center Head And Colleagues

Teachers must learn to be team players, working together in the interest of the children and the school. Teachers must be open to new ideas and learning from other teachers. A code of ethics and professionalism is expected from all the teachers.


Homework , or a homework assignment , is a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside the class. Normally Homework creates stress for students and their parents. But the homework your child gets is designed in such a way it strengthen what your child has learnt, with fun and interactive element in the activities. It makes the child looks forward to homework (home-fun).


The School will be working from Monday to Friday.
PRE KG – 9:00 AM TO 12 NOON
LKG & UKG – 9:00 AM TO 2:30 PM